Origin of CaptJimsCargo Offering Nautical & Aeronautical Decor

Posted by Capt Jim on 30th Oct 2014

TriWorld Hauled Out In Puerto Rico

Welcome aboard! This is the 1st blog for our new web site an eCommerce site specializing in high quality nautical & aeronautical decor such as fully assembled wooden Tall Ship models, America's Cup sailboat models, decorative portholes, ship's steering wheels, aluminum airplane models, WW1 propellers and much, much more.

We have been in the boating industry for many years, the most fun and adventurous was 18 years in the Caribbean aboard our dive live-aboard charter boat the trimaran TriWorld. Returning back to the real world after the Caribbean was a challenge, so a natural business to fall into was a nautical related industry, hence CaptJimsCargo.

I would like to share the origin of CaptJimsCargo which started as and became a very successful eBay store eBay id Capt-JimsCar-go launched in Jan, 2006, our success on eBay lead to the launching of "Capt Jims Nautical Cargo" the Spring of 2009 which also performed very well. "Capt Jims Nautical Cargo" was a ProStores eCommerce site actually run by eBay, so sharing new products between both sites was somewhat easy. But unfortunately Capt Jims Nautical Cargo will be retired in Feb 2015 as ProStores will be shutting down.

The ProStores format had many issues through out the years, which the major search engines were not forgiving of. The site was not mobile friendly at all and in these modern days this is a must. So the move to our new platform which is a responsive site that automatically resizes itself to any mobile device out there should prove to be a great improvement!

One thing that you may be interested about the new site in addition to being mobile friendly is that we can offer our entire nautical & aeronautical decor catalog at reduced prices when compared to our eBay site. Clicking on a subcategory or category could reveal a banner ad with special coupon code discounts for example: tall ship models or America's cup sailboat models!

We look forward to continue bringing our customers the highest quality nautical & aeronautical products available and sharing our love of the nautical boating world with you. We are based in New England and as of this post still have 2 boats out on moorings, it's hard to call an end of the boating season for the year, of course the fall weather being great has been a big plus! We hope you will bookmark and continue to come back aboard in the future. Thank you for your time.
CaptJimsCargo is a member of the Massachusetts Business Association (MBA).