Ship's Teak Steering Wheels Many Decorative Nautical Options

Posted by Capt Jim on 10th Jan 2019

For decorative nautical Ship's Teak Steering Wheels there are many options available.

Ship's Teak Steering Wheels make one of the most prominent decorations you can can add to your nautical decor it will jump out at you and declare welcome aboard!

Ships Teak Steering Wheels

There are many options available, first off is just a well made wooden ship's wheel hung on your homes wall, garage, boat house, yacht club. Great behind the bar in a welcoming hall way entrance or right next to your front door. There are many sizes available from huge 72" (6') tall, perfect for the side of your garage, barn, boat house to small 12" diameter wheels that are just the right size to fit next to the bathroom mirror in between the picture of your boat on it's mooring. They come in natural varnished wood with brass center hubs, black pirate wheels with chrome center hubs perfect for the kids play room or pirate themed jungle gym. There are even blue and white ones.

There are Ship's wheels with brass, copper & chrome clocks mounted in the center of them, in many shapes, colors and sizes. Most all are battery powered so there no unsightly hanging cords.

We even have two sizes of teak wood ships wheel picture frames, the center hub and inner spokes have been removed. The frame is ideal for placing around a round mirror, porthole, clock or picture. Just imagine the possibilities...

For furniture, ship's wheel end tables can be had, both in varnished natural wood with brass center hubs and jet black pirate colors with chrome center hubs. Sizes range from 15", 20" height up to 23.75" height.

These wheels are meant to be decorative and although the construction is rugged you would not want to be caught offshore in a blow using one of these wheels.

The teak wheels that have a natural varnished finish are suitable for displaying outdoors on your deck or next to the front door. For areas near the ocean you may want to apply an extra coat of varnish or lacquer.

To see the entire collection of ship's wheels please visit our category Ship Steering Wheels. Please come aboard to view a huge selection of nautical decor, nautical furniture, fully assembled model ships, sailboats, speed boats, airplanes and much much more!